The Madness in March begins on the basketball court


Erica Nealon, Sports Editor

Selection Sunday is almost upon here and the madness will soon begin. For Division I basketball teams, making it to the March Madness tournament is the ultimate goal and winning the national championship title is the dream.

For the men, this is the 75th annual March Madness tournament. According to, there are 347 schools involved in Men’s Division I basketball. Of that 347, only 68 of the men’s teams will make it into the brackets.

Women’s Division I basketball includes 343 teams and their tournament bracket begins with 64. The team that wins their conference championship is automatically submitted to the tournament.

On Selection Sunday, March 17, the rest of the teams are picked, and college basketball fans everywhere are sent into a frenzy.

For Marywood’s basketball players, especially junior Kim Martin, it’s all about love of the game.

“March Madness is exciting for me because I just love to watch basketball,” said Martin.

As brackets are released, the art of “bracketology” begins. Fans or “bracketologists” predict which teams will make it through the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and of course, the National Championship.

With many ups and downs for the nation’s top teams in college basketball this year, the number one seeds aren’t guaranteed to anyone. The Final Four rarely consists of all the number one teams.

Shane Kellehar, a sophomore Pacers basketball player, said that if a team gets hot at the right time, the national championship title is anyone’s game. Kellehar said that it is always fun to see what will happen.

“It’s also cool to see men and women at my age competing on national television every night,” Kellehar said.

The annual March Madness tournament tips off Tuesday, March 19 on CBS, TBS, and TNT.