Spring sports poised for success


Erica Nealon, Sports Editor

Dan Capwell



Physical Activity major


“I  think that with the team this year we could really compete for a CSAC championship. The guys this year are a close-knit group and everyone’s always looking to help one another out. We have young but strong pitching and our hitters are right back to where we were last year. It would be great to make it back to the playoffs and take it this year.”


Sarah Caughy



Athletic Training major


“This upcoming lacrosse season, I think I speak not only for myself, but also for my fellow teammates and coaches [when I say] that our major goal is to make it to the CSAC finals again. The past two years we have made it and fallen short, coming in second place, but because of the positive changes with this season there is no doubt that we plan on having a great and successful season. Of course, we have other short-term goals, but those will come and go as the season goes on.”


Chelsea Zimmerman



Speech Therapy major


“The 2013 season should be a very good one. Although we only have two pitchers, our incoming freshmen have added great strength and skill to an already solid team. We plan to get ahead early in Florida and work hard to have a winning season. We plan to make it to CSAC championships and bring home a gold medal.”


Mark Van Nort



Psychology major


“Our goal this season is to win the CSAC Conference, which we have done the past four years, so we want to continue our streak. If and when we get to the NCAA Championships, we want to make a good run and get deep into the tournament. The best teams from across the country go to this tournament and we really want to show them that Marywood University is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to tennis. We have a great line-up consisting of mostly seniors, so this is our best chance to do well. So, we are just hoping to continue our success and make it even further.”