The most anticipated movies of 2018


Credit to Pixar Animation, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilms and Warner Bros.

Bethany Wade

Last year brought a whirlwind of changes to the film industry.

From the #MeToo movement to the Disney-21st Century Fox merger to record low box office attendance, the film industry went through historic milestones during 2017. The craziness has even continued into 2018, when “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” overtook “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in the box office on New Year’s Day.

With such a crazy year as 2017, what does 2018 have in store for film? Many studios are bringing back reboots or sequels for films over 10 years old, while others are bringing fresh new adaptations or original stories to theaters. Let’s look at the biggest films coming out in 2018.

The 15:17 to Paris

Release Date: Feb. 9

Clint Eastwood’s newest film takes the biographical film genre to an autobiographical level.

“The 15:17 to Paris” focuses on the 2015 terror attack that occurred on a passenger train to Paris, broken up by three Americans. In a twist, Eastwood cast the three men who actually stopped the attack to play themselves in the film. Eastwood is no stranger to biopics as his last two, “Sully” and “American Sniper,” received critical acclaim. This is a unique twist on the biographical film genre and deserves to be recognized.

Black Panther

Release Date: Feb. 16

This could be the biggest film coming from Marvel Studios this year. That’s saying something when “Avengers: Infinity War” also comes out this year.

This film takes place where “Captain America: Civil War” left off, with T’Challa (aka Black Panther) becoming king of Wakanda. “Black Panther” already broke records by selling the most pre-sale tickets in one day for a Marvel film. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this ends up in the top five highest-grossing movies at the end of the year.

Love, Simon

Release Date: March 16

A teen rom-com where the lead is gay? That’s new.

“Love, Simon” focuses on the titular character’s journey to accept himself as he is forced to come out to everyone at school while trying to find love. Based on the book “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda,” this movie uses the classic tropes of other teen romantic comedies, allowing for a more traditional LGBTQ love story. Though an LGBTQ lead is nothing new, this is the first time audiences will see one in a mainstream romance film.

Ready Player One

Release Date: March 29

The sci-fi novel “Ready Player One” written by Ernest Cline was released in 2011 to critical acclaim, which was good news for Warner Bros. who bought the rights before it was even released.

Seven years and a different cast and crew later, the virtual reality experience called the OASIS is coming to big screens directed by Steven Spielberg. The film focuses around Wade Watts, one of millions of people who use the OASIS and are on a treasure hunt for the easter eggs leading to its creator’s fortune. The film is based in the year 2045, with many references to pop culture from the 1980s and beyond, leaving references for everyone to enjoy.

Avengers: Infinity War

Release Date: May 4

This will be the biggest film of 2018.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe begins to reach its climax with the first part of its two-part finale before a major reset for all the characters. Thanos is collecting the Infinity Stones and hunting down the Avengers, as all the characters introduced thus far team up to try and stop him. Iron Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther and more of the MCU heroes are confirmed to appear based on the first trailer alone. Who knew that six years after the first Avengers film came out, something this big would top it?

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Release Date: May 25

Continuing the trend set by “Rogue One,” the Star Wars universe will be releasing a new prequel while fans wait for “Star Wars: Episode IX.”

“Solo” focuses on the backstory of Han Solo, the iconic smuggler from the series portrayed by Harrison Ford. In the prequel, Alden Ehrenreich steps into the shoes of the quick-witted scoundrel. If any of the main characters deserved a prequel, Han Solo is the obvious choice. Not much is known about this movie besides the events take place before “Star Wars: A New Hope.” More should be revealed soon!

The Incredibles 2

Release Date: June 15

Fourteen years may have passed, but not a minute has gone by in Pixar’s world of superheroes.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Director Brad Bird says the film picks up where the first film left off, literally. Unlike Pixar’s recent sequel that allows a portion of time to past, the film continues where the other film stopped. This could be interesting to see how the Parr family adapts to the reality where everyone knows their secret. The cast has grown greatly from the first film. Only time will tell what we can expect from this.

The First Purge

Release Date: July 4

The concept of the “Purge” franchise may seem old news, but this offers a new story that’s been unseen: The start of the purge tradition. “The First Purge” focuses on the first official purge that occurs in Staten Island, New York. The film is attempting to take aim at Trump, using the style of the “Make America Great Again” hats as the first teaser imaging. They even aired the first teaser during the State of the Union address. Based on the political commentary offered by “The Purge: Election Year” it will be interesting to see how current political environments plays into the forming of the plot.


Release Date: Oct. 19

Credit to Universal Pictures

Michael Myers is coming back to Haddonfield! Forty years after the first installment and 11 years after the last remake, Universal is cashing in on the slasher franchise again. This time, the original Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis, is returning to the film franchise that made her a star. Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers, is also returning to the cast. Series creator John Carpenter gave the film his blessing, so hopefully fans of the original will be pleased with this remake compared to the last one.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Release Date: Nov. 2

Credit to 20th Century Fox

With 21st Century Fox merging with Disney, the Marvel properties Fox owned have gone back to their true home. This project could be the last X-Men film to follow the timeline set by Fox, but could set up new spin-offs for other X-Men characters. Sophie Turner has been a smaller part of the X-Men franchise to date, so this could be a chance for her to shine as a lead. If this film goes well, this could determine how the X-Men franchise is treated from here on out. No pressure.

It’s hard to rate movies that haven’t come out yet, but in order of anticipation, here’s the top 10 list for these movies:

1. Black Panther

2. Avengers: Infinity War

3. Ready Player One

4. Solo: A Star Wars Story

5. The Incredibles 2

6. Halloween

7. The First Purge

8. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

9. Love, Simon

10. The 15:17 to Paris

Some other films to look out for this year include “Deadpool 2,” “A Wrinkle in Time,” “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” and “Mary Poppins Returns.” There is a lot of exciting movies being released and it’s going to be interesting to see how this year manages to top last year. But for now, we’ll see you at the movies.

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