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Group Spotlight: Agape Latte

Photo credit: Boston College

Agape Latte was originally an organization founded at Boston College in 2006. In 18 years, it can now be found in over 50 colleges, including Marywood.

Agape Latte operates out of Campus Ministry and is run by a student-led board. Students are invited to come together in a casual, relaxed, coffeehouse-setting while enjoying hot chocolate and engaging in open conversations directed by guest speakers.

Speakers are typically Marywood staff and faculty, but are usually kept a secret until the week of the event. Students are also encouraged to recommend speakers for future events.

Co-Chair of Agape Latte and Maxis Gillet Ambassador Bethany Burns discussed the most recent event that occurred on Feb. 18.

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The event was held in the Fireplace Lounge in the Nazareth Student Center. The speakers at the event were Drs. Anna and Michael Petrin, Religious Studies professors.

The Petrins discussed relationship advice in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and fostered an upbeat and lighthearted conversation that kept everyone smiling and laughing. Free T-shirts and stickers were included for those in attendance.

Sister Catherine Luxner, IHM vice president for mission services, and club adviser for Agape Latte, noted that Agape Latte is not a religious event like Bible study, but rather a storytelling event that leads to a bigger conversation.

Luxner also has described these events as snapshots in life and faith as the events themselves are usually short, lasting about an hour long.

“College is a time of searching, finding out who you are and who you want to be. We all have a spiritual part to us and I think undergrad students are finding out what is important to them and it is a free atmosphere to listen and see if they can connect with it,” said Luxner.

Senior biology pre-veterinary major Karli Boyer agreed with Luxner’s sentiment, “Before I got involved, I wish I knew how relaxed of an environment it is. When some people hear Agape Latte they might think ‘I’m not religious why would I go to that?’ but it really is a nice environment to interact with peers along with faculty and staff members,” Boyer said.

Like most clubs, turnout dwindled during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I guess COVID kind of slumped it down a little bit so we’re attempting to build it back up again,” Burns explained.

Agape Latte hopes to have another event this semester. The best thing that students can do to show their support for Agape Latte is to show up.

“Come to the events, see if you like, and if then you like it, come to more!” encouraged Burns.

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