Group Spotlight: Crochet and Knitting Club


Photo credit/ Kelly Longo

Club officers Kelly Longo, Sophie French, and Corinne Cummingham donated their finished projects to St. Joseph’s Pantry.

One of the most recent trends picked up by college students is a craft that has survived throughout the centuries. Gen-Z has often been labeled as lazy, undetermined, and self-centered; however, one of Marywood’s newest clubs is proving those stereotypes wrong with a hobby passed down from their grandmothers: knitting.

Sophie French, a junior in the Music Therapy program, founded Marywood’s Crochet and Knitting Club to bring people together and encourage students to try something new. As a big crocheter herself, French wants to bring her hobby to Marywood students.

“I feel like I can build a community with this,” said French.

In addition to building community among students, French has recognized the mental health benefits of crochet or knitting.

“A lot of people our age have anxiety and crocheting or knitting can be a really relaxing thing because it’s a very repetitive movement; you can do it while you’re watching TV and you end up getting something really cool out of it,” said French.

According to Health Fitness Revolution, “knitting has therapeutic elements that can effectively relieve stress because it allows you to focus on the task in front of you rather than dwelling in a perpetual cycle of stress”.

In addition to the mental health benefits, students can practice skills like starting and finishing a project, problem-solving, and trying something new through knitting or crocheting. Marywood’s Crochet and Knitting Club is also taking these life skills and expanding their club to what Marywood clubs do best: service.

As students finished the Fall 2022 semester, they knitted their way through the stress of finals and then donated their finished products to St. Joseph’s Center Pantry in Dunmore, PA.

“We ended up getting a child size patch-work scarf and I myself crocheted a baby hat and we went to the St. Joseph’s Baby and Children’s Pantry and we dropped it off,” explained French.

The club is always welcoming new members at any skill level and they are willing to help you along the way.

“They were super welcoming to new people. I can’t count the number of times Sophie has helped me. It’s really open to new members,” says member Lilith Galioto.

For more information on the Crochet and Knitting Club, follow their Instagram @mucrochetnknittingclub.

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