Architecture pros share their knowledge


Ashley Padula, Assistant Community Editor

Marywood University is hosting a series of architecture lectures this spring. The lectures take place on Thursdays at 7 p.m. in the Comerford Theatre.

Community members, architecture professionals and the public are invited to come and listen to representatives from architectural firms discuss their theories and practices.

The final remaining talks in the series will take placeon  April 4 and 5. On April 4, Mark Mcinturff will present “I’ll Get Back to You on That…” and on April 5, Eric Jenkins will present a student workshop called “Drawing to Design.”

Previous lectures were delivered by Larry Scarpa, Aki Ishida, and Joe Biondo.

At the lectures, the featured architect discusses his or her own works and experiences in the field of architecture. The professors at Marywood know these speakers from their past jobs and have asked them to come and speak at the university.

Zach Thompson, sophomore architecture major, attended one of these lectures earlier in the semester.

“I found that it was very inspirational and informative to go to these lectures. It gave me a better idea as to what to expect after college in my career field,” said Thompson. “The speakers were all extremely nice and encouraging. Their works were inspiring and gave ideas as to what is to come.”

Zack Fatzinger, junior architecture major, said he believes these lectures are insightful experiences. “It gives architects the opportunity to present their work and findings so that we as students can draw inspiration from them,” Fatzinger said.