Marywood website getting a facelift: Changes to make site more user-friendly and efficient


Mackenzie Warren, Staff Writer

Marywood’s web developers are making changes to the university’s website. Though minor, these changes are intended to make the site more accessible for people who are not up to date with technology.

According to Sr. Kathleen Burns, director of web development, the modifications to the website will make it more user-friendly.

Currently, the website contains multiple links on both sides of the webpages. These links will be replaced with a single link allowing users to find the information they desire.

“There is a lot of information and to make that information easy for people to find … is our goal,” said Sr. Burns.

Another change will be the addition of a search system similar to Google. This will allow users to see to see multiple search options via a drop down menu as they begin typing a keyword into the search.

Mark Pitely, web developer, added that students shared opinions and provided input about kinks in the current website. The web team made many changes to the website with the students’ advice in mind.

Icons have also been included on the website to represent the links and to make it more visually appealing. More graphics may be added in the future.

The website will also undergo even more changes in the future to make it more efficient for browsers.