President hosts community breakfast to discuss the “Collective Entrepreneur”

Sarah E. Cruz, News Editor

On Friday, April 19, President Sr. Anne Munley hosted the President’s Community Breakfast, an occasion that brings together selected members of the university and the greater community to collaborate and discuss an issue of importance.

The theme for this breakfast was the “Collective Entrepreneur,” which is derived from an initiative of the Business Department, the Entrepreneur Institute, which will be housed within the Learning Commons.

Rene Zehel, director of development, explained that the university holds this event twice a year as a way to foster healthy and productive conversation and collaboration between individuals.

“We’ve always been a resource to the community and we feel as a part of [it] and as an institute of higher education that we have a responsibility to bring people together and to be that convener. It’s always been important to our mission and to the sisters to reach out and work together to solve problems that people face,” she said.

Sr. Anne gave a presentation on the evolution of the idea of an entrepreneur and the influence that inspired spaces have had in our world and at Marywood. The collective entrepreneur was defined as an individual or individuals working together toward creating and developing for the greater good of society. The presentation also included how these concepts connect to what the university hopes to accomplish with the Learning Commons.

The questions, “What engages you about the idea of the Collective Entrepreneur for the Common Good?” and “What ideas and suggestions do you have for us as we develop our new Learning Commons?” were posed to attendees. Later, representatives from each table were asked to speak about the challenges and solutions discussed within their group.

Attendees shared their thoughts on the information and the ideas discussed concerning the notion of the collective entrepreneur and how that is being cultivated at Marywood University.

“It’s very exciting that Marywood is involved in this and I think there’s great opportunity for [the university] to build a niche that doesn’t exist in education right now and to really be on the leading edge of this type of education,” said W. Scott Lynett, publisher of The Times-Tribune.

Dr. Ann Henry, board of trustee, viewed the day’s theme and discussion as an individual who, along with her fellow trustees, makes significant contributions to the university with their time and resources.

“The richness of ideas that were shared today really gives me a new perspective and a new lens to filter some of the decisions that we will make as board members when we think about the future and the good of Marywood and her students,” she stated. “We’re…always looking for what Marywood is going to continue to bring to the world as we go forward.”