[Diversity] in a Frame contest showcases campus photogs

Mandy Scritchfield, Assistant Community Editor

Diversity. You know it when you see it. But can you capture it in a frame?

[Diversity] in a Frame is a photograph contest that coincides with the presentation “Becoming the Muslim Protagonist: Changing the Narrative by Telling Our Stories.”

The winning pieces will be displayed during the presentation on March 27-28 in the Rotunda.

Dr. Erkan Acar, academic advisor for international students, is in charge of the contest again. Acar was involved with a similar contest, [Peace] in a Frame, as well.

“There was no specific reason to choose the topic [Diversity] in a Frame,” said Acar. “However, as we used the theme of peace for our previous contest, we wanted to emphasize the value of diversity as society’s richness.”

Christine Medley, assistant professor in graphic design, won the [Peace] in a Frame contest held last fall. Medley said that she had entered the contest because she likes to participate in campus art events.

“I had seen the well-designed posters all over campus, and I was surprised at the large cash prizes, so it was hard not to enter,” said Medley.

Medley received a cash prize of $1,000 for [Peace] in a Frame. The top prize for [Diversity] in a Frame is $300.

Acar said changes to the budget necessitated the smaller cash prizes.

“Low budget, low awards,” said Acar, “However, I do not think that people’s first reason to participate in this contest is about the cash prizes. It is a showcase for the participants’ photography skills. They will be judged by experts and critics, and there is potential to publish their works,” he said.

Acar said that we can look forward to more contests like this, such as [Education] in a Frame and [Respect] in a Frame. “There are so many topics waiting,” he said.

The 1st place winner of [Diversity] in a Frame was Sofia Marie Bodewig. She was awarded $300 for her piece titled “Telares.”

The 2nd place winner was Abaigael McMahon. She was awarded 200$ for her piece titled “Shades of Buttons.”

The 3rd place winner was Eve Lynn Collins. She was awarded 100$ for her piece titled “Eggs.”

There were also three honorable mentions, along with 18 other selected works.