Group Spotlight – Anime and Japanese Culture Club

Paul Capoccia, Community Editor

The Anime and Japanese Culture Club offers more than just the usual Saturday morning cartoons.

As stated on the Marywood Club page, the Anime and Japanese Culture Club, or Anime Club for short, is an interactive club that allows students to experience Japanese culture and Japanese animation, or anime, in particular. The group gets together weekly to watch anime, listen to Japanese music, and sometimes even cook Japanese food.

Jesse Borosky, senior clinical psychology and philosophy major and the club’s president, enjoys the experience of watching anime with a group.

“My favorite part about Anime Club is watching anime I’ve never seen before with some friends,” said Borosky. “I find it really enjoyable to find something that is new to me and to talk and laugh about it with others.”

The club typically watches a few episodes of anime shows suggested by members weekly. The club also has special Japanese themed nights including food, as well as occasional panels where members educate the whole group about Japanese cultural topics.

Collin Widdick, junior psychology major and the club’s treasurer, also enjoys the new anime and the special event activities.

“My favorite thing is watching the random stuff that no one but the one who suggested it has seen before and it turns out to be great,” said Widdick.

“[I also enjoy] the games with an anime flair. Like Jeopardy with anime-related questions. We also watch movies on occasion and have parties and costume competitions around the holidays,” said Widdick.

During the school year, the group attends conventions where they have the opportunity to not only learn more about Japanese culture but also to meet groups from other schools.

The group meets every Thursday at 9 p.m. in the LAC. Anyone interested in joining the club can contact the Anime Club President Jesse Borosky at [email protected] for more information.