Sr. John Says: Achieve your goals


Photo credit/ Courtney Snyder

Sister John Michele Southwick I.H.M., Special Contributor

LL Cool J says: “Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goal.”

There is no better time to begin than now: the beginning of the semester, with four or five or six different syllabi coming at you with all the different assignments for the entire course– OMG, what do I do now?! Are you overwhelmed already? Where do I begin?! Take a deep breath–and keep breathing! One breath at a time, and that is how you look at your projects: one at a time.

As Walt Disney said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

One needs to plan, do an assignment here, another there, and before you know it they’re done. Use your time in between classes, when your friends are not around. Use study groups when you can which will help reinforce what you are learning. Go to the Writing Center when you have a paper to write and they will check it over for you and help you to make it better. Do you need a tutor for a class that you think might be too hard? Do you need help in a math course? All of these support systems are free and yours for the asking.

Since Empowerment is one of Marywood’s Core Values, we believe in helping each student achieve their goals. Marywood will do everything in its power to make that happen. There are numerous offices on campus that can help students with any concern they may have in any area. The goals and dreams you have are there for the taking, one step at a time, one project at a time. As Sr. Mary Persico, IHM, Ed. D., president of Marywood, told us at Opening Liturgy, “You are the power of one.” Stay focused and go after you goals and keep moving.

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