Marywood students honor mental health awareness day


Photo credit/ Jen Bellino

Student organizers, Katie Csisack (left) and Alyssa Tkacz (right) hold “Mental Health Awareness Day” sign.

This past school year, social work students Alyssa Tkacz and Katie Csisack felt that the Marywood community needed to amplify their discussions regarding mental health and reduce the stigma on receiving counseling.

“There are a lot of resources on campus, but we felt that maybe students didn’t know how to access them or weren’t accessing them so we wanted to promote ways they could access those resources,” said Csisack.

After recognizing this need in the community, Tkacz and Csisack decided to rise to the occasion and help students take care of one of their most valuable assets: their mental and emotional health.

“Another goal of ours was to break the stigma about having to go to a counselor or about having to seek out those resources,” said Tkacz.

Through collaboration with the social work department as well as the Counseling and Student Development Center, the two students began to organize a Mental Health Day for Marywood’s campus.

“I don’t think we would have been able to pull this day off if it wasn’t for our department and every single other club that came here,” said Tkacz.

The program on Wednesday, Oct. 12 consisted of 17 clubs and organizations that provided resources and information for students all surrounding self care, stress relief and self love. Students filtered through the Latour Room in Upper Nazareth Hall playing games, eating snacks and learning ways to take care of their mental and emotional health.

Among the clubs involved were the Language and Literature Club that provided book recommendations surrounding mental health, Student Disablitiy Serivices that provided information about contacting their office and Pacers Against Sexual Assault that provided self care tips.

Club officers and leaders were eager to help students be involved with the activities of the day in a fun and lighthearted way while simultaneously using the day to educate on serious matters that impact the community.

In addition to activities the schedule also consisted of a student panel that discussed how to reach out for counseling in hopes to further reduce stigma. There were also two educational seminars on the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses and what to do following a mental health diagnosis.

Students who are struggling with their mental health can call 570-348-6245 to schedule an appointment at the Counseling and Student Development Center or email the center at [email protected].

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