World Language Club celebrates Dia de los Muertos early

Amanda Duncklee, Community Editor

Traditional Spanish music filled the Fireplace Lounge in Nazareth Hall on Oct. 29, when the World Language Club hosted an early Dia de los Muertos celebration.

The event was a fundraiser for the club. Club members manned a semicircle of tables which was where community members could make crafts for a small fee.

Crafts included paper lanterns, piñatas, sugar skulls and paper flowers that students could make for $2. For $4, students could create their own jack-o-lantern or have a member of the club paint their face.

“It [Dia de los Muertos] is a pretty well-known celebration that people are familiar with,” said freshman Spanish education major Maria Errico. “It’s a really good day to celebrate this time of year.”

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that takes place on Nov. 1. The holiday is a major tradition in Mexican culture. The holiday celebrates the lives of those who have departed and is a happy occasion, not a tragic one. Dia de los Muertos is meant to celebrate of the natural rhythm of life and death rather than lament inevitable death.

In addition to crafts, the club erected an altar in the style of those that are built for the deceased. The altar featured colorful decorations and the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a prominent figure in Hispanic culture.

Some students earned extra credit points in their courses for attending the event and making crafts.

“It seems like this event is a lot of fun with all the music playing,” said sophomore criminal justice major Nicole Labarbiera. “It’s a good extra credit opportunity, and this event is organized well.”

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