LAC evacuated after gas leak scare

Justin M. Wahy, Multimedia Editor

For the second time in one month, emergency responders were called to Marywood University for an apparent gas leak.

The cause of the March 25 evacuation was a broken exhaust pipe on a generator, said a Dunmore firefighter.

Chief of Campus Safety, Mike Finegan, confirmed that there was a carbon monoxide leak in the Liberal Arts Center Monday evening.

Faculty and students were evacuated from the Liberal Arts Center on Monday evening at around 7:10 p.m.

Matt Maldonato, senior accounting major, was one of the students who was temporarily evacuated from the building. Maldonato said that he was just sitting in class when a security guard came in and told the class to evacuate the building.

Sarah Wheeler, junior criminal justice major, said that while Campus Safety did notify people in classrooms of the evacuation, the process moved slowly.

“They didn’t evacuate correctly because people were still straggling out of the building when we were already out,” she stated.

Exactly two weeks prior to the March 25 gas scare, emergency responders were called to the O’Neill Center for Healthy Families for an alleged gas leak. Students and faculty were evacuated and the building was cleared for occupancy 45 minutes later.

The campus community was notified via E2Campus and WNEP-TV when the March 11 gas leak occurred.

No such alert was sent out for the March 25 incident.

“I didn’t feel that an E2Campus alert was necessary, due to the fact that no residence halls were affected by the leak,” said Finegan.

Finegan also stated that the Liberal Arts Center was the only building affected; classes resumed less than one hour after the leak.

Kim Del Valle and Sarah Cruz contributed to this report.