Marywood welcomes Center for Transformational Teaching and Learning


The Center for Transformational Teaching and Learning provides resources for Marywood faculty. Photo credit: Marywood website

Tatiana Tell, Contributor

The Center for Transformational Teaching and Learning (CTTL) is Marywood University’s newest program for faculty members.

The CTTL supports “innovative teaching and learning” by offering resources to help faculty with teaching related concerns and goals.

Founding director and Associate Professor of English Dr. Helen Bittel explained that the Marywood Instructional Effectiveness Committee serves as the advisory board for the CTTL.

Both partner together to create a stronger foundation for faculty support through social events each month, structured discussion amongst faculty and peer observation.

“We’re hoping next year to bring that to the next level but we really need to lay the groundwork first,” said Bittel.

Digital Projects and Assessment Librarian Amanda Avery also works closely with the CTTL by providing research for future projects and workshops for digital tools.

“We want to create a tight-knit community of educators,” said Avery.

Both Bittel and Avery helped create online resources for faculty members such as the “New Faculty Survival Guide” and encourage faculty members to schedule appointments with them when needed.

Bittel shared that she anticipates developing workshops for online teaching in the near future. For now, her goal is to get educators to participate so the program can take full effect.

“I hope that people will participate in the program that we offer for the general faculty as well as for the new faculty,” said Bittel. “I hope they take advantage of the resources that we offer.”

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