President Donald Trump stops at Scranton ahead of election day


Photo credit/ Michael Basta

President Donald Trump arrives at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in Avoca, Pennsylvania

Briana Ryan, Editor-in-Chief

President Donald Trump held a campaign rally yesterday at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in Avoca for one last chance to garner support among Pennsylvania voters.

In his opening remarks, Trump said he believes Pennsylvania will send their 20 electoral college votes his way.

“This does not look like a second-place finish,” said Trump.

Sonia Waidelich from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania said she feels confident that Trump will repeat his 2016 victory in Pennsylvania and across the country.

“Of course we’re going to win. Of course, we are. Landslide,” said Waidelich

Waidelich explained that she believes Trump has a connection with the American people that will work in his favor.

“I feel that he is for the American people,” said Waidelich. “He wants what we want. We want freedom.”

Edward Young from New Jersey explained that he is cautious of the results due to mail-in ballots.

“I am afraid. I am worried,” said Young. “I’m wondering how many weeks it will take before we know who has won these elections.”

In his speech, Trump made allegations that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf will try to interfere in the election.

“Make sure your governor doesn’t cheat because they are known for very bad things here,” said Trump. “We got a lot of very powerful eyes watching them. They don’t want that to happen to themselves.”

Wolf dismissed Trump’s allegations in a post on Twitter.

“Pennsylvanians will not be intimidated,” said Wolf. “You can watch us count every vote and have a fair election.”

Trump also used his campaign to stop as an opportunity to speak about the economy. In particular, Trump attacked former Vice President Joe Biden over past comments concerning fracking.

“A big part of your livelihood, your income, your money is fracking,” said Trump. “[Biden] went from ‘we will ban fracking’ to ‘of course we can have fracking’.”

Ed Bridgman, who traveled from Idaho to watch Trump speak, said he supports Trump due to his work on the economy.

“It’s the fact that he wants to create more jobs,” said Bridgeman. “He wants to make this economy better.”

Young said he hopes Trump’s speech will help to sway undecided voters.

“I hope he will say whatever it takes to wake up anyone sitting on the fence in this state,” said Young.

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