NEWS BRIEF: Student Government Association announces representatives for 2023-2024 year


Photo credit/ Jennifer Flynn

Representative positions not filled are up for election in the Fall 2023 semester.

The Student Government Association (SGA) announced the elected student representatives for the 2023-2024 academic year. Elections were held via an online form on Tuesday, April 11. The results are as follows:

Accessibility Representative: Skylar Gagnon

Alumni Engagement Representative: Samantha Howey

Campus Ministry Representative: Zachary B. Houston

Class of 2025 Representative: Sara McCormack

Class of 2026 Representative: Aiyanna Jean

Insalaco College of Arts and Sciences Representative: Alana Leary

Reap College of Professional Studies Representative: Ryan Benedict

Commuter Representative: Sophia Williams

Democratic and Civic Engagement Representative: Kelly Royer

International, Equity and Inclusion Representative: Nyla Lott-Khan

Resident Representative: Gabrielle (Ellie) DeLay

Student Life Representative: Mary Pegarella

Sustainability Representative: Emily Haggerty

SGA’s Executive Cabinet election was held on March 21 and results were announced on March 23. Next year’s cabinet members are President Ian Kovatch, Vice President Zoe Badner, Secretary Scott Gartley and Chief Funding Officer Kevin Budveit.

An election for representative positions not filled will be held during the Fall 2023 semester.

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