Study Abroad: Continuing the journey


Photo credit/ Sophie Pauline

Sophie Pauline, Correspondent

Sad to say, but my time here in London is quickly coming to an end.

So as a conclusive piece, I decided to gather some words from my fellow travelers. They shared what they have discovered, would recommend to others, or in general what they have felt about the experience.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

‘In a word? Amazing. Superb. Life-changing. Eye-opening. Unforgettable. It’s impossible to pick.’ -Patrick, from Melbourne, Australia

‘Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to live in a new city, become immersed in a new culture, live around and with new people, and discover countless new things (about yourself and the world around you). Ostensibly, you do it for the education side of things, but what you end up learning happens mostly outside of the classroom.’ –Avantika, from Delhi, India

‘Spending £600 in the first couple of weeks is a rookie error; no matter how easily the pints flow. Don’t think it won’t happen to you!’ –Steph, from Gerringong, Australia

‘Always have your backpack packed and ready to go.’ –Taylor, from Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

‘Don’t get involved with someone right before you leave.’–Ophir, from Vancouver, Canada

‘London is a beautiful, amazing and vibrant city with tons to do. All the museums are free so don’t miss out on that.’ -Abbie from New York, U.S.A.

‘Words cannot capture the experience – you’ve got to get out there, say yes and just do it!’ –Tom, from Frankfurt, Germany

I can attest that all of what they have said is true, depending on the day; however, I have learned that whatever someone tells you cannot be true unless you experience it to be true. It is all about your point of view; your perception and reception; your experience.

I for one have been having an incredible time and am sad to say it is going to be coming to a close in just few short weeks, but whether it is sad or just another page to my story is something I have to decide.

My mission is to take what I have gained during this amazing experience and apply it to my life back at home. To treat whatever place I am in like new territory. Discover new cafés, museums, and little treasures that the city has to offer.

Take the friends that I have made here and keep those relationships, having a second home in another country to visit one day. Yet also love the moments when I am reconnected with my long lost friends in Philly, who are still my besties, just as when I left them.

It will be fantastic to reminisce of the unthinkable times I have had in London, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam and so on, but it will be good to be in my feet where I am, to reconnect with the familiar territory I have known since I was a kid and make it my home again.

Saying goodbye to the London Eye, vintage sales in Shoreditch, and the bright lights of the West End will be tough, yet to be welcomed to the city of brotherly love, Phillies games, barbecues, and the Fourth of July is unthinkably desirable.

If I truly have learned anything from my time abroad, it is to make each moment that you are blessed enough to be living and breathing in what you want it to be; to be sure to make each night the best because who knows when it could end or your budget could run out; if a trip presents itself, or a new friend, or precarious street, to take it.

And with that, I will share with you one of the last tidbits from another study abroader:

‘YOLO’ -Rosie, from Sydney, Australia

Yes, it’s incredibly cliche, but tell me it’s not true.