OPINION: No room for Trump supporters


Photo credit/ Summer Steinhart

Summer Steinhart, Cartoonist

It is common to see roommate wanted ads that consist of clauses or restrictions such as “no smoking” or “no cats.” Now, a new clause is becoming just as common: No Trump supporters.

In a CNN interview, a Georgetown University student, Sahar Kian, said she included a “no Trump” clause in her roommate ad.

Kian said she did this because she felt that living with a Trump supporter would result in a hostile living environment. She said, “Look at me, I’m brown. I’m a woman,” which she said she feels Trump discriminates against.

She added that she thinks all Trump supporters are bigots.

The term bigot has become the word we associate with anyone who admits that they support our current president. But by adding this clause, people are being just as intolerant as these “bigots.”

As Americans, we preach that all are welcome and yet we spend more of our time dividing ourselves. Trump promised to “Make America Great Again,” yet we have made him the new symbol of hate.

At this point, the only thing to do is stop targeting specific groups based on race, gender, religion and politics. Instead, we need to come together so we can learn from each other and understand one another.

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