BREAKING: Men’s tennis head coach resigns, exiting after four months


John Ferraro

After serving just four months as men’s tennis head coach for Marywood University, Marcus Bollinger has resigned his position.

Director of Athletics and Recreation Dr. Mary Jo Gunning confirmed to The Wood Word via phone call that Bollinger verbally resigned earlier this week.

Gunning said she has yet to meet with Bollinger about the circumstances surrounding his resignation.

According to sophomore co-captain of the men’s tennis team John Shebby, team members received an email, which included a memo from Gunning about Bollinger’s resignation.

The memo did not mention why Bollinger stepped down, but stated his resignation will become effective on May 8.

Marywood introduced Bollinger as the Pacers’ ninth men’s tennis coach in program history in January of this year.

Bollinger inherited an 0-4 team from former head coach Lak Sphabmixay. He then led the team to a 1-6 Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) record during his tenure, finishing seventh out of eight teams in the conference.

Shebby said the season was difficult due to the mid-season coaching change. According to Bollinger’s bio on the Pacers’ website, Bollinger had never coached before.

“Marcus was new to being a coach so I don’t blame him for some of the miscommunication that happened this year,” said Shebby.

While Bollinger has no previous coaching experience, he is a certified United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) tennis professional and has instructed tennis through private lessons since 2013, according to the Pacers’ website.

Shebby also said he is open to a change and new coach, but hopes the next coach will remain in the position longer.

Since former men’s tennis head coach Art Comstock finished his seven-year run after the 2012-2013 season, the team has had five coaches, including Bollinger. Two of those coaches were interim heads.

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