Review: The Puppy Bowl XIX


Photo credit/ WikkiCommons

The Puppy Bowl airs every year on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Puppy Bowl has two teams, Ruff and Fluff, that face off during this thrilling and adorable sporting and adoption event airing on Animal Planet on Super Bowl Sunday every year. Each team has the cutest team of cheerleaders. The winning team receives bragging rights and a trophy.

At the beginning of this game, the puppies sit still for the National Anthem.
The pups playing in the Puppy Bowl were: Tom Barkey, Kala, Emma, Erin, Gilbert, Pickle, Effie, Nancy, Mykonos, DaVinci, Wolfie Rosella, Colby Jack, Moocow, Vivianne, Little Mighty, Bo, Bea Rosella, Elua, Penelope, Ritz, Bandit Rosie, Cala, Asiago, Twinkle and more. These pups come from shelters and foster homes. It was a great three hours watching these pups play on the field.

DaVinci scored Team Ruff’s first touchdown of the game making the score 14-7. Wolfie attempted a split to the end zone but fumbled. Wolfie scored seven more points for Team Fluff making the score 21-7. An impressive and action filled first quarter of Puppy Bowl XIX came to an end.

Kokobean and Espresso scored a double touchdown in a Puppy Bowl first. These pups brought up the score to 80 on both teams. In another Puppy Bowl first, the game is going into overtime.

The coin toss happens and Team Ruff receives first. Roland scores a field goal for Team Ruff and boosts Ruff’s score to 83. Vivianne scores the final touchdown securing the win for Team Fluff. The final score is Team Fluff 87 and Team Ruff 83.

A total of 110 pups played in the Puppy Bowl this year. The Most Valuable Puppy Award winner was Pickle. The pups who got adopted are: Espresso, Cooper, Elua, Moocow, Kokobean, Little Mighty, Velma, Sven, Pickle, and Vivianne.

I love that some of the pups got adopted. The kitty halftime show was a nice touch because it always pays homage to the celebrities performing at The Super Bowl. One thing I disliked about the Puppy Bowl was that they had segments focusing on some of the shelter. I understand it’s an adoption event but the segments on the shelters are slightly too long and distract from the game. If there are any improvements to be made it would be to cut on the shelter segments and bring back Surge the Hamster, he was great.

A successful Puppy Bowl has come to an end. Some pups got adopted and this game went down in history. It was a head to head battle between Team Fluff and Team Ruff. However, Team Fluff are the reigning champions.The Puppy Bowl is a worthy event to watch some adorable pups even when not looking to adopt a pet.

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