Body-positivity events plan to put the ‘perfect’ back in ‘imperfect’

Body-positivity events plan to put the perfect back in imperfect

Erin Yeager

Marywood University’s Peers on Wellness (POW) group, along with other groups on campus, will be putting together body-positive events for Perfectly Imperfect Week.

Perfectly Imperfect Week (or Perfectly Imperfect Eating and Body Awareness Week) is a week of events dedicated to those who not only suffer from an eating disorder, but also those with other self-shaming body issues.

Graduate Social Work Student Kaitlin Caldwell-Anderle, who is also a graduate assistant in the Counseling Center and the co-adviser for POW, put together these events to help explain that body issues impact colleges all around the world.

“Eating disorders can look different for anyone,” Caldwell-Anderle said. “I want this week to allow everyone to know that they can get help and to not be afraid to say that they need support.”

The Marywood University Student Art Therapy Association (MUSATA), Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND) and Project Heal will be helping to set up this event and participating to get the word out.

The events that will be taking during the week are as followed:

Monday, Feb. 26: Mirrorless Monday

Monday is a day to begin the week with visual reminders to judge appearances more kindly for at least one day. This event will include covering up the mirrors inside various campus buildings.

Tuesday, Feb. 27: POWer Zumba

This is an event to celebrate your body. There will be a table outside on body peace and participants can receive a free reusable water bottle.

Wednesday, Feb. 28: Wellness Wednesday

This event is to provide information to students on intuitive eating, health at every size and ideas for meals and snacks that are easy to make in dorms.

Thursday, March 1: everyBODY empowerED

This event includes a panel discussion that will help to expand the understanding of eating disorders and how they are not always as the media portrays them to be.

As of now, there is no word of what event will take place on Friday, March 2. Students who are interested in Perfectly Imperfect Week are strongly advised to contact Caldwell-Anderle at [email protected] for any questions about the event.

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