OPINION: Katy Perry kissed a boy and I didn’t like it


Vanessa Rodriguez, Asst. Opinion Editor

After all the countless #Metoo painful stories and resilient testimonies, we now have the unforgettable and confusing TV moment of Katy Perry kissing an “American Idol” contestant without his consent.

On behalf of all women everywhere, I’d like to extend a big, sarcastic thank you to Katy Perry for not only emphasizing a double standard but also sending all the #MeToo advances back 5,000 steps.

Here we are, being displayed and represented on “American Idol” completely undoing all that hard work in five uncomfortable seconds.

Perry’s a 33-year-old pop star who (on “American Idol”) represents the pop genre as well as the female presence and population in the music industry. A fact that’s never exactly stated but is suggested to be true based on the selection patterns of previous American Idol judges.

The “cute” display of fun was visibly uncomfortable and not right whatsoever. If roles were reversed, there would be riots in the streets and a boycott of the 16th season of the show.

Just because the contestant was a male doesn’t mean a female can do anything to him without consent. If we want a change to occur, we have to begin by leveling the playing fields when it comes to consent.

I’m sure many remember Brock Turner, the selfish and disturbed college athlete who took advantage of an intoxicated girl behind a dumpster.

How about Harvey Weinstein and his countless actress victims?

What about (taking it back to the 1980s) Fergie Olver, the old creepy game show host who’d manipulate young girls to kiss him. (Although the culture and time were very different from now, Olver’s behavior was and still is inexcusable.)

We can’t shame men and tell them “no” while women make exceptions for their own kind.

When men get sexually harassed, the circumstances are drastically different opposed to women. Why? Probably an unfair male stigma revolving around the sentiment of “Man up, she’s hot. Be thankful.”

Regardless of gender, it should be taken seriously. Sexual harassment is sexual harassment.

ABC, which airs “American Idol,” should know better as to what’s appropriate for a “family-friendly” show. Maybe the controversy was an effort for ratings or attention in general.

Whatever the reasoning is, it still should NOT have been aired.

As for you Katy Perry, consider yourself lucky. If it was anyone else, the consequences would have been earth-shattering and career-ruining.

And to the contestant, you did your absolute best. You got an unwanted, uncomfortable kiss and you didn’t even get to go Hollywood. Isn’t life strange?

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