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Shopping for a tablet computer: worth your time?

Tablet computers are all the rage now, but what do you even look for when shopping around for one? And can it truly replace a laptop?  Well, with the iPad being out for quite some time, many were wondering if it would ever see some real competition from Android paralleled to the rivalry iPhone and Android Phones have. It appears as though the wait for a iPad-competitor tablet PC is over, as Motorola is soon to launch their new tablet, the Motorola Xoom.

The tablet actually had an ad during the Super bowl which claimed it was a “The Tablet to Create a Better World”.  The Xoom will have a dualcore processor, which many of our laptops now have, and a 10 inch HD screen for comfortable viewing.  A few other neat aspects is that this tablet will have both front and rear facing cameras like some of the newer cell phones do for video conferencing/skyping, and it will also have a new android operating system, 3.0 (Honeycomb) which was developed specifically for tablet computers.  It should be interesting to see just how they’ve improved the operating system for tablets.

Like a keyboard? Well, the Xoom has a Bluetooth enabled keyboard accessory as well as a dock, so whenever you’re not on the go, you can just set your tablet up on your dock and enable the keyboard and its like you’re sitting at your laptop or desktop!


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