Top 5 websites to waste your time on

Jeremy Barket
Layout/Web Editor

1. is a website full of urban legends, old wives’ tales, misunderstandings, and rumors.  There are several different categories such as Medical, Love, Business, Disney, Music, Quotes, Racial Rumors, and even images that may or may not be real.The stories in the categories are listed with a little symbol indicating if they are in fact, true, false, little bit of both, possible of happening, or unable to determine.  The reason it’s on this list is simply because it’s one of those websites you could spend hours and hours on just reading about stories from snakes in the Burlington Coat Factory to the story behind the song of ‘Amazing Grace.’

Example : Dr. Suess wrote Green Eggs and Ham after being challenged by his editor to produce a book by using fewer than fifty different words.  Is it true? Go to and find out.

This website highlights all of the stupid, or lame things found on facebook.  Like, this website’s home page has the day’s ‘findings’ of lame stuff found on facebook, and also features specific links to various categories of what you would be more or less interested in. It’s like a whole website full of stuff that was posted by someone on your facebook friends list whom you can’t stand, but also won’t delete just because some of their updates or posts are too hilariously dumb.

Example : Declan – ‘Facebook asks me what I’m thinking. Twitter asks me what I’m doing. 4square asks me where I am. Conclusion : the internet is my girlfriend.’ [status update]

This website offers forums, movie trailers, music [via pandora], etc. but really the best part of the website are the free java-based old school video games for platforms such as the regular nintendo, super nintendo, and sega genesis.  Really, this is the website to find video games from sega genesis’ Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker to regular nintendo’s Star
Tropics – free of charge. The only bad side?  Not ALL of the games work the best, and some of the games have slightly different music.  For example, sega genesis’ Sonic 1 actually has the stages of Sonic 1, but the music is from Sonic 2.

Imagine a dictionary full of slang, vulgarities, and other words often used by people to illustrate a story or explain something.  That is what is.  You could browse for the ‘word of the day’, by specific words, or by the first letter of the word.  Essentially, some of the entries are so outlandish you can’t help but seeing what else is on the website.
Example : ‘Scranton – home of the fictional “Dunder-Mifflin” paper company, from the hit show “The Office.”’

Yes, number five is facebook.  Basically, everyone who has it use it to connect with other friends via status updates, photos, mutual friends, work info, education info, etc.  Anybody who doesn’t have is basically out of the social media loop.  But let’s get down to the real addictive nature of facebook – creeping on someone you have a crush on,  looking through others friends’ pictures,  creeping on other’s facebook pages,  facebook chat,  updating your status, and creeping on other people’s facebook pages.  Basically, to be social and have friends, you need a facebook.
Example : ‘So-and-so has just poked you.  Poke back? Ignore?’