Top 5 things to do on a snow day

Molly Boylan
Staff Writer

There is nothing like a snow day. It is a wonderful surprise when waking up to the text message stating that all classes are cancelled for the day. But what is one to do with an unexpected day of freedom? It is only possible to stay on Facebook for so many hours. If cabin fever is something you struggle with, worry no more.

Here are the top ten things to cure cabin fever.

1. Take A Nap

Most of the time it is protocol for college students to walk around like partial zombies throughout the semester. All the tough work of college classes leaves one running on empty. Living the life of a college student does not leave much time to catch some z’s during the week. So, when the snow day strikes take some time to catch up on well deserved rest.

2. Go Sledding!

It’s a classic. Grab a trash can lid, a mattress, or anything that glides through the snow at maximum speed and jump into that snow! The community around Marywood has wonderful spots to go sledding within walking distance. Park Garden’s is a favorite for the neighborhood kids. It is found by walking down the hill past the Performing Arts Center and take a quick right, then a left.  Found there is tons of fluffy snow to fly down. Another hot spot is the steep hill located near the Woodlands right by Crawley Park. This sledding adventure will lead right down to the baseball field…better hold on tight!

3. Create New Friends!

Snatch a group of current friends and make snowmen. Making snowmen is a great way to get outside in the snow and have some fun. Get creative, snow is not just meant to sit on the ground! Also, if the new friends hold up to the weather, they will be entertaining for students who will pass by.

4. Have a Snowball Fight!
Put some of the school day stress into having an exciting snowball fight with friends. But before hand, better make sure the chosen friends know that a snowball fight is taking place.

5. Make a Movie!
Grab some friends; grab a camera and record adventures throughout the snow filled campus. It’s a great way to pass the long hours that come with a snow day. It will also be a great thing
to look back on when remembering the good old college days.

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