Trump’s ‘tude taking control


Photo courtesy of CNN Newsource

Paul Capoccia, Opinion Editor

During the last presidential election, Donald Trump, millionaire mogul and TV personality, could hardly get his name on the primary ballot. This time around, he has a real chance at the nomination.

And the Trump train is going to keep rolling through our towns.

Trump makes it clear he not only loves himself, but he loves talking about himself and simply talking. He has verbally sparred, intelligently and childishly, with reporters in all branches of media.

A Chicago Tribune article lists some of Trump’s hopes for office, like having Mexico pay to build a wall along the border, blocking the billions of dollars Mexicans illegally in the United States send home to their families, and preventing illegal immigrants’ children from automatically becoming U.S. citizens. Through his twitter on Sept. 19, Trump expressed his lack of an obligation to protect President Barack Obama from insults and rumors while continuing on to say “Christians need support in our country … Obama has been horrible, I will be great.

He’s loud, divisive, and he wants the public to know he’s here to make America great again. At least, that’s what he thinks.

Whether anyone would give Trump the time of day or not, it surely shouldn’t come as a surprise to any Americans that his no-junk, all-blunt attitude with what we now call politics has caused a media explosion and presidential candidacy shake-up.

With the current state of affairs in Congress of constant Democrat and Republican bickering, blocking, and general inability to agree, Trump possesses all of the qualities many Americans have been awaiting. He epitomizes a certain honesty, fearlessness, and swagger America needs, or so he thinks.

Trump’s blanket generalizations and remarks don’t make him any different than other politicians, but it’s in his delivery and execution that he climbs the polls. His broad promises and sometimes farfetched ideas are much easier to swallow with attitude.

Hillary’s got pedigree, Carson’s got degrees, but this guy trumps them all.

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