skyTran elevates transportation technology


Photo credit/ Connor Moffitt

Jessica Bonacci, Asst. Opinion Editor

Transportation has evolved from horse-drawn carriages to gasoline powered machines in the past century. Now the world has skyTran, a revolutionary new innovation in transportation technology.

According to the company of the same name, skyTran is a “network of computer-controlled, 2-person ‘jet-like’ vehicles employing state-of-the-art passive, magnetic levitation (maglev) technology.”

Put simply, it is a pod that people can travel in that relies on magnets to propel it forward on an overhead track, like a monorail.

This monorail, according to The Times of Israel, is set to demo in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2016.

Since it relies on maglev technology to operate, the system will not require the use of fossil fuels foreach pod, which means less carbon dioxide emissions will harm the atmosphere.

Instead of these toxic fuels, the network relies on kinetic energy to operate. Although it may seem as if it will require infinite amounts of energy, skyTran reports that“the power used in two hair dryers can fly you at over 62 mph.” Efficiency,conservation, and speed all come together. That’s something I have noproblem supporting.

In addition to being good for the environment, skyTran is great for consumers.

A ride on skyTran is predicted to be relatively inexpensive. According to Business Insider, oneticket will cost only $5. That’s much less than the cost of buying andmaintaining an electric car, or any other for that matter.

I would pay $5 without hesitation to travel efficiently and save the environment. It is a small investment that can go a long way.

Since this clean transportation is predicted to be more accessible to large populations, it is possible that it can replace older forms of environmentally destructive transportation.

Hopefully the skyTran monorail will have a successful debut so that it can be implemented in cities across the globe. One day, we may be ditching our cars for this public transportation of the future. If people switch to traveling with skyTran, the environment and wallets all over the world will reap the benefits.

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