OPINION: Nordstrom’s newest product rocks


Photo by City of Overland Park, distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license via Wikimedia Commons

Daniel Smith, Asst. Opinion Editor

Throw out the holiday gift guide that you picked up from Sears last weekend while searching for stocking stuffers for your cousin, because Nordstrom recently released the ultimate holiday gift.

Nothing will bring your loved ones more joy this holiday season than when they unwrap this one-of-a-kind stone from the Los Angeles area. The stone even comes with its own leather coat, so they will never have to worry about it getting too cold during the winter.

The stone has nearly unlimited uses. It makes a great paperweight, conversation piece, fish tank decoration and coffee maker. The stone also fits conveniently in any 3-by-4 1/2 inch hole.

This is the perfect gift to buy someone if you are shopping on a budget. Priced at only $85 for the medium sized variety, this is perfect for any low-cost office Secret Santa. Why spend the same amount of money on 340 gumballs when you can spend it on something thrice as fun?

You can also purchase the smaller, less exciting version of this item for $65, but why purchase that when you can be a little bit bolder?

Don’t waste your money on useless gifts like sweaters or spatulas. Buy your friends and family something they will use. Buy them this Nordstrom rock.

The rock has already sold out online, so head over to your local Nordstrom today to pick one up for each of your family members, friends, mail delivery people, veterinarians and acquaintances from book club.

Writer’s Note: I tried to acquire one to review for The Wood Word, but my editor denied me the funds.

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