Resident Assistants host dodgeball tournament


Evan Felser, Asst. Sports Editor

Marywood University resident assistants hosted a 5-on-5 dodgeball tournament at the Mellow Center to help promote campus unity and physical activity.

The tournament, featuring seven-minute long games, was held on Sunday, March 24.

Each five-member team included at least one female. Every team played five games. The teams with the best records after the initial round made the playoffs.

Resident assistants created the dodgeball tournament to provide the campus with a fun activity that supports their mission of creating community-building activities that help promote student life.

The resident assistants who planned the tournament were excited for this event. Dominique Kozuch, a third year residence assistant at Madonna Hall, helped organize the tournament and was excited to participate. Resident assistants have to set up weekend programs so students can have fun activities on campus.

Ross Novak, Director of Residence Life, watched over the tournament and believed the event will be successful. Novak listed entertainment, physical activity and friendly competition as goals for the event.

“I hope that students get good social interaction out of this event,” Novak said.

Emily Osborne, another residence assistant involved in organizing the tournament, was upset about her inability to participate in the actual games.

“I really want to play, but on the day of I’m going to be refereeing,” Osborne said.

In addition to refereeing, Osborne also enforced the rules, operated the scoreboard, and made sure the tournament ran smoothly.

Overall the tournament was successful. Students enjoyed the friendly competition and the winner won a great prize. Hopefully this fun activity will retun and continue to have a positive effect on campus.