Marywood Head Baseball Coach Jerry Davis Resigns


Photo credit/ Connor Moffitt

John Ferraro, Sports Editor

Less than a year after being named CSAC Coach of the Year, head baseball coach Jerry Davis abruptly resigned his position last Sunday. Davis was coaching his eighth season with the team.

Andrew Smith, assistant director of Athletics and Recreation for communications, said he does not know why Davis resigned. Smith said he was “shocked” by the news.

However, Dr. Mary Jo Gunning, director of Athletics and Recreation, said that she was not as surprised by the decision. “Jerry and I had conversations over the weekend via the phone. I was saddened, but not surprised. I think Jerry was at the point in his life, after 20 years, where he had been thinking about it.”

In the wake of Davis’s departure, Gunning named Jason Thiel and Joe Diskin interim co-head coaches.

“I think they are a good team together. Neither of them had the experience of a head coach. We are 11 games in and I felt that our team would most benefit by having a partnership,” said Gunning.

Marywood hired Thiel in 2014 as an assistant coach under Davis. Diskin has also been an assistant coach with the team for three years.

Smith informed  The Wood Word that Gunning is going to meet with the baseball team on March 30, but did not disclose what was going to be discussed at the meeting.

Gunning also declined to talk about the actual context of her meeting with the players. “I don’t think that would be appropriate at this time. I can tell you that it will be a positive, good meeting.”

CORRECTION: This article has been changed to reflect the fact that Davis was coaching his eighth season, not his seventh, as was previously reported. Also, Smith’s statement has been updated to reflect that he does not know why Davis resigned, rather than that Davis gave no indication.

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