Summertime, Baby!

End of summer / Fin del verano
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By Mark Baron
Staff Writer

By this time in the school year, we students have only one thing on our minds: hard work and study! No, just kidding – most students are looking forward to the summer. Summer is a time to get away from repetitive college life. Check out where these Marywood students are headed, and you may just get an idea for your own summer destination wish list.

Freshman Kyle Tobbins is headed to Bethany Beach, Delaware. He describes his plans as, “one week of nothing but bumming around on the beach and visiting the board walk. Eating a lot and catching up on some reading. Plus, I’m going with a bunch of friends, so it will be a great time.”

Also hitting the beach is sophomore Carolyn Ruggiero, who is headed to West Palm Beach for her cousin’s wedding. She’s happy to be a bridesmaid, but is also excited to “spend some nice quality family time on the beach and in the sun.”

Not all students are beach bums, though. Junior Becky Klementowski is headed to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, where she’ll spend a week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. She also plans to catch a performance of Cirque Du Soleil.

Sophomore Angel Muller is headed to Vermont for “bike week…My best friend and I are going to ride on motorcycles and hang out with bikers,” she said.

Junior Katelin Haley has exotic in mind, but also service. “I’ll be going to Africa with a group of eight other Marywood Students to Moragoro, Tanzania,” she said. “We’re going to help students prepare for their exams – similar to our SAT-type tests. We’ll be there for two weeks helping in the classrooms and doing some other activities.”

Thanks to everyone who contributed their summer plans! As you can see, Marywood students are headed in all different directions this summer. For those of you with no plans, make them! A summer is just not complete without a vacation, even if it means sleeping in a tent in your back yard! As for me, I’m headed to the Great Pyramids in Egypt on an educational tour for ten days! See you in the Fall!

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