Is Marywood Going Green?

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By Marie Fitzsimmons
Staff Writer

Many universities and colleges around the country are getting greener by the minute! But is our very own university one of them?

Yes, Marywood University also has its eye on sustainability! Marywood is learning what it takes to be more environmentally friendly and is doing its part for the earth by going green.

According to Wendy Yankelitis the Director of the Physical Plant, Marywood is becoming more energy efficient by “upgrading lights on campus to fluorescent (T-8, T-12, and compact fluorescent).”

Helping the environment can be as easy as changing a light bulb. Although these compact fluorescent light bulbs cost more they last longer and in the long run save money.

The university has also currently “implemented a direct digital control system in several buildings on campus.” This system helps the university to optimize energy usage in the buildings. The system provides energy such as lighting and air conditioning only when rooms are being occupied.

Wendy Yankelitis also said that Marywood has recently “purchased approximately 80 megawatts of wind energy.” This is another great example that demonstrates Marywood cares about the future of our planet.

The campus also has an extensive recycling program: Marywood recycles paper, plastic, cans, light bulbs, computer monitors and batteries.

The university is also looking towards the future by investigating several green alternatives. According to Yankelitis, they include geothermal, biomass boiler, and solar panels for roofs. But “all of these items are still very much in the infancy stage,” said Yankelitis.

A new construction project that will take place within the HPE building will be constructed to meet the LEED certification criteria. This is a huge deal, and will give the university great recognition when it’s completed.

LEED stands for The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System.

But without the support of its students, Marywood can not fully do its duty to become greener. The students as well as the faculty and staff need to start changing their bad habits and start caring for our campus and community.

As a campus we need to cut back on carbon emissions, fuel consumption, energy usage and other factors that contribute to global warming.

Some simple changes can make a big difference. Some examples are going paperless when possible by turning assignments in via email. Buy and use biodegradable and recycled products.

Use canvas bags instead of plastic ones. Walk or bike to class instead of driving your car. Have classes outside when the weather is nice. Always remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room. Also try to take shorter showers to save water.

If the entire Marywood community works together we can make a huge impact and encourage others to do the same. Going green is a very important mission that will be very rewarding in the end.

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