Marywood University Welcomes Slew of New Student Life Staffers for the Fall Semester

By Katie LaDue
Staff Writer

Marlee Stefanelli, Counseling/Student Development Center. Photo Credit: Katie LaDue

Ms. Marlee Stefanelli has been at Marywood since July, working as a staff counselor in the Counseling/Student Development Center. She has a history in child, adolescent and family therapy and she worked as a practitioner and an independent consultant on nutrition-related issues, primarily eating disorders. Currently she is involved with individual and group counseling. Her main project right now is the body peace group: the art of mindful eating, which helps students improve their self-image and media influence. Stefanelli also participated in RA training; she is a co-advisor for Peers on Wellness and is currently working on the Nothing to Hide program. She said her favorite part of her job is “getting to work with students in several different ways.”

Carl Oliveri, Student Activities and Leadership Development. Photo Credit: Katie LaDue

Mr. Carl Oliveri was appointed Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development in May. He is a Boston native who earned his bachelor’s degree from Boston College. He previously worked as the Coordinator of Student Development at Luzerne County Community College but he said that while working there he really missed the interaction with students. Some of his recent projects include Family Weekend, which hosted over 141 families at Marywood; Prep ‘12; the Homecoming Dance on October 17 at Via Appia; and Midnight Madness on the October16. Oliveri said that even though the job seemed challenging at fi rst, with all the help of his co-workers and the “tremendous help” of his grad student, Kris Liebegott, he has grown to love the job.

Javier Diaz, Regina Hall. Photo Credit: Katie LaDue

Mr. Javier Diaz is the new Regina Hall Residence Director. He is a graduate of Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee; he served as a residence director and an area coordinator as an undergraduate. He is continuously working on projects and several different programs such as community service trips to Hilltop. When asked how he felt about his job he said, “I love working with students and I’m very close with all the members of housing and resident life. It feels very much like a family.”

Linda Campbell, ACT 101. Photo Credit: Katie LaDue

Mrs. Linda Campbell was appointed as a counselor in the ACT 101 program in August. She earned her B.S. in Social Work from Mansfield University and a M.S. in Secondary Counseling from the University of Scranton. Some of her duties include conducting weekly, individual counseling sessions in the domains of academic, career, and personal/social with the undergraduate students within the ACT 101 program. She also does referrals for tutoring to the Academic Excellence Center and Psychological Services.  Campbell said, “I am very excited about my employment at Marywood University, and already see that the students are aspiring to be learners and leaders.”

Heather Grant, Athletics & Recreation Department. Photo Credit: Katie LaDue

Ms. Heather Grant was appointed Head Athletic Trainer in the Athletics and Recreation Department in August. She has been a certified athletic trainer for the last 9 years with her most recent jobs being head athletic trainer at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and an athletic trainer/faculty member at Scranton Prep. She feels it’s very important to her that all student athletes should be able to come in around their practice and class schedule to get treatment and rehabilitation in order for the to recover from injures quickly and return to their sport as safely as possible. Grant said, “I’m very excited to be back working with collegiate student athletes. It has been where I have spent the majority of my career and I am very happy to be back working with high quality student athlete that is here at Marywood.”

Eliza Costoso, Madonna Hall. Photo Credit:

Ms. Eliza Costoso is the new Residence Director of Madonna Hall. She earned her B.S. in Psychology at East Stroudsburg University and is enrolled in the M.A. in Counseling Program. Some of the new activities that she has worked on include the Bethany Hall Halloween Party; admission to the event was a non-perishable canned food, all of which were donated to a local soup kitchen. She also organized the Madonna Hall door decorating contest. Costoso said, “I enjoy my job and find it very rewarding working with students.”