Sneak Peek Trends

By Chris Beezup
Staff Writer

No more over the knee boots, with a pixie crop complete with a one shoulder top, and ripped torn up denim jeans. Or a cropped bob finished with a boyfriend blazer, and men–let’s not forget about those deep V-neck shirts. The time has finally come for fresh new stylish, chic, classic trends.

With 2009 ending and the start of 2010, this also marks all the new sneak peeks of fashion week, and the forecast of trends to come. As fashion week ends it means the start of a red carpet catwalk of stars decked out in the latest trends. Each of these events shapes the styles to follow in the coming year. Don’t fret just yet fellow reader, you’re in good hands. I have done my research and have come up with some of the new sneak peeks of trends that will soon turn into outrageous must have’s.

Ladies get ready for a festive spring followed by a skin scandal of a summer. Kicking off the trends is a new interesting look, the future warrior, that’s right warrior. Styles from Greece to amazons, women will have a sexy tough facade to conquer in. Just when you thought clothes couldn’t get any tougher, the military will have a drill with designers this year. From jackets to boots, clothes are getting a quick 1,2 at basic and 3,4 into stores. Soon following a tough spring will be a “who wear’s short, shorts” summer. It’s true, boy shorts got a makeover or less of a hem, accessorizing the short shorts will be knee high socks. Don’t worry, if the thought of shorter boy shorts scares you, rest assured, designers have vamped up hot jeans and given them a new squeeze. As for a relaxing day or night, be prepared for a higher, sexier slit to be accompanying your look.

Sorry to say guys, not too much has been revealed for you, but shall I say it seems the classic looks are coming back; the suits are “in” which means guys can be Bond even more. The styles of suites that seem to be steaming up runways are three piece and double breasted. Now guys, I know the skinny look was in for 2009, but that doesn’t mean your suit can’t be fitted more to you. It seems the military shall inspire once again and help play a stylish command in fashion, for both sexes.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have the information you have been waiting for. I present the sleek, wavy, vibrant styles for, the most important, your hair. Men, now is the time for a good change up, messy and fun by day, by night channel your inner Bond with a sexy slicked back look.

Ladies, here are the “must’s” for the new “do’s”. For quick fixes try the plaited and braided look, or for the more edgy gal, how about the shaved-side hair cut inspired by the lovely Rihanna? If neither style suits you, fear not, try a retro look that’s coming back for a swing, it’s the 1970’s inspired long flowing, bouncy hair. To finalize you hair, try a new color, how about a glamorous golden blonde, or a sultry red?

So now comes another serious question: what shades should I wear or what is the hot color of 2010? Well, I have a variety to choose from so here is the list: for a woman, this spring try violet, aurora, turquoise, fusion coral, Amparo blue and pink champagne. As spring turns into summer, so does the palette, it starts off spring with very green based colors, and slowly changes into browns, blues, pink, and yes, neon green, surprisingly. As fall approaches so will a new palette to choose from, try purple heart, honey yellow, iron, rapture rose, warm olive, majolica blue, and creme brulee.

In conclusion, I leave you with the advice: 2010 is at its start as are the new trends. Given some time and inspiration, designers and stylists are sure to make this year one that will thrive like no other, with fashion that will soon be the biggest craze.