Winter fashion trends

Jeremy Barket
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It’s that time of year again – winter. While the weather outside might be frightful, this season’s trends are delightful! The trends will most likely be influenced by the war, and the recession [or lack thereof.]

According to, the colors, are quieter, muted, and even neutral, such as grays, blacks, and tan tones. Additionally, the season is suggesting olives and maroons. If you decide to use a more subtle palette of color to your ensemble, any color could be used as an accent or ‘pop’ against the previously mentioned tones.
Carrying over from the fall, boots coming up to at least over-the-ankle are very stylish right now for women. Don’t be afraid to push the limit. They can be worn from above the ankle to mid-thigh. Although, you would need the confidence to wear them at a mid-thigh height. Try pairing them with leggings. But, jeggings, leggins that look like jeans, are on their way out. So be careful with what you wear.

Also from the fall, military jackets have carried over into the winter. This is the part possibly influenced by the current war. Although stereotypically associated with people with the army, wearing a military-style jacket conveys a sort of toughness or edge on anyone who wears it.

Also, the use of chains and sequined accessories also conveys a tougher appearance because the material is tougher than fabric. So, logically, they’d make sense to wear them as accessories. Trends are pointing towards chunky rings and studded accessories, but that really depends on your personal style. A leather wrist band continues to be an extremely versatile fashion tool.

Additionally, knit sweaters seem to be trending right now. So have fun with finding them with stylish patterns or designs that you personally like.

Other fashion website, such as, and even magazines show photos with ‘Yeti-look’ coats, capes, and military jackets with shoulder pads. Be careful with these because they seem a little bit TOO trendy. The ‘Yeti-look’ coats seem a little impractical to seriously invest in.

There is so much coverage on women fashion trends, it’s a little more difficult to find a huge database of men’s fashion trends. Logically, if the women’s trends are following updated-retro looks from the 1940’s, men’s trends are doing the same thing!

According to, the hairstyles are either clean cut or messy. No in-between ‘I-kind-of-combed-it-this-morning’ look. This season’s trend suggests the clean, styled, parted, or slicked back look. Just make sure you use product for a polished look. Notice the word ‘product.’ Not gel or mousse. Gel or mousse leaves the hair crunchy and looks like a football helmet. Sorry DJ Pauly D. Try using a type of pomade. It styles the hair, but it isn’t crunchy and leaves virtually no residue. The cool thing is because it isn’t crunch, you could fix it easily throughout the day without reapplying any product.

The messy look goes extreme with the bedhead look. The look that basically says “I got out of bed, got dressed, and left the house.” No emo cuts, sharp angles, or swoopy bangs. Sorry Justin Beiber. You pretty much get the point. Just make sure you actually do shower and dress decently. Otherwise, you’ll just look dirty.

The trends in clothing seem to be a more slim-fitting look. So, the look for a more fitted zip-up hoodie rather than a normal hoodie.

Like the colors mentioned earlier, muted colors are prevalent this season. Just think grays, tans, whites, or blacks. If you’re going to layer, a graphic tee-shirt could really stand out or ‘pop’ with the rest of the muted tones.

Just remember, the most important thing for both men and women is that following trends is cool as long as you’re expressing yourself and having fun doing it. It shouldn’t be a chore. If it’s a hassle, maybe you’re trying a little too hard. And trying too hard will come across in whatever you wear no matter what you wear. But, not caring at all about what you wear will come across as well.

Joseph Johnson, a Marywood University senior said, “I feel that we should reject the norms and decisions concocted by ultra-elite New York and Parisian fashionistas, and wear flannel, hunting caps, and Carhartt clothing.”

Just don’t wear any swoopy bangs. Sorry Justin Beiber.

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