10 Questions with an Athlete: Devin Crowley, Golf


Evan Felser, Sports Editor

Devin Crowley

Year: Senior

Major: Architecture

Hometown: Rockland, Massachusetts

Sport: Golf

1. When did you start playing golf?

I started playing golf when I was about 12 years old up until the end of high school. Then I took a break for a few years and started getting back into it while attending Marywood.

2. What is your favorite part about playing golf?

My favorite part about playing golf is the individual aspect of being responsible for your own score and having no one to blame for your score but yourself.

3. Who is your favorite golfer?

My favorite golfer would have to be Payne Stewart when he was alive. There was an aura about him that he carried on and off the course that made me not only admire him as a player, but also as an individual as well.

4. What is your favorite PGA golf tournament?

My favorite PGA golf tournament would be the Ryder Cup because of the competition between the United States and the rest of the world. The caliber of players and the intensity displayed during the matches is unlike any other type of tournament.

5. Have you ever hit a hole in one on any course?

I have never made a hole in one. I’ve been close quite a few times, but no ace.

6. What has been the highlight of your golfing career?

The highlight of my career would probably be carding a course record of three under par during a high school match.

7. What are some of your strengths in golf?

My strengths in golf would have to be my short game and being able to get up and down and trying to salvage a par.

8. What has golf taught you about life?

Golf has taught me about persistence, how to focus, the importance of practice, and how to deal with certain situations. It will be something that I will take with me on and off the course.

9. Where do you see the golf team going this fall?

I see the golf team having a really good season. We have a good amount of talented guys, and hopefully we can take home a conference championship in the spring.

10. What do you plan on doing after graduating from Marywood?

I would like to work for an architecture firm in Boston or on the west coast and possibly start my own business remodeling and flipping houses.