OPINION: Anonymous Republican hero(es) we didn’t know we needed


President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Harrisburg. Photo credit: Alex Weidner

Vanessa Rodriguez

An anonymous opinion piece was submitted to The New York Times from a senior official within Trump’s administration revealing some long-suspected truths about the White House.

However, the author stated the intent was not to defame or slander the reigning commander-in-chief, but rather to disclose what life is like inside the heavily-guarded gates and closed doors of the White House.

The writer understands that Trump’s methods are dividing the country into factions. It’s no longer the battle of Democrat versus Republican, but rather a battle of those who support him versus everyone else, Democrat and Republican alike.

This piece, a product of the “resistance” within President Trump’s administration, highlights issues, but let’s be real: this letter is not a resistance piece from the “left.” It’s merely a letter from a concerned individual that reflects thoughts of a number of people who want the president to succeed, but fear that his irrational or impulsive actions could potentially put the country in some hot water.

As a citizen, I do believe this information is valuable and important to our country. We need to know that our conclusions of Trump drawn from external experiences match up with events and actions within his administration.

According to the article, the president is just as irrational behind closed doors as he is at his rallies, which came to no surprise to me.

“Meetings with him veer off topic and off the rails, he engages in repetitive rants, and his impulsiveness results in half-baked, ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back,” said the writer.

Remember when President Trump motivated his supporters at a rally to (seriously) chant “CNN sucks?” Yeah, I do, too.

It’s no wonder his very own people are purposely attempting to deflect, avoid and diffuse any absurd decision or action he makes.

To make matters more concerning, although an elected Republican, Trump shows little respect for the bedrock of conservative ideals: “Free minds, free markets and free people.” He repeatedly attacks all of these daily.

As the Op-Ed indicates, he continues to show “starry-eyed” preference for dictators and little to no respect or appreciation for allied, level-headed nations. Tell me, how did we come this far without fully knowing the extent of his absurdity?

As for Trump’s “witch hunt” to find the anonymous author with full intentions of punishment: good luck. This was an exercise of a First Amendment right. Due to the Op-Ed label, it’s an OPINION piece. This specific opinion does NOT jeopardize the country or put the president in immediate danger.

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I do understand that regardless of what I think, the president has the right to fire this individual. I may not agree, but it is definitely an action within his power, if he so chooses.

As for you, Mr. Trump, instead of complaining about what others have to say about your actions, maybe you should be more mindful of such actions and listen to those who disagree with you. Your ego is toxic and not helpful for the growth and success of our nation.

Maybe you need a refresher on your amendments. The very first one covers RELIGION, SPEECH, PRESS, PETITION and ASSEMBLY.

Also, did I mention that by advocating for stricter libel laws, that means no more Twitter for you? Please, do us all a favor and take the foot out of your mouth before you speak.

To the hero(es) we didn’t know we needed, thank you. Thank you for confirming our beliefs and ultimately reminding us, the people, that the 25th Amendment exists, that our freedom of speech is alive and well, and that the health of our country is more important than Trump’s “middle school” drama.

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