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Paul Capoccia
Paul Capoccia is an English major of the class of 2016, and he is a graduate student in Marywood's M.B.A. program of General Management with an expected graduation in 2018. He was Opinion Editor for the fall semester of 2015 before switching to become Asst. Sports Editor for the spring of 2016. Paul has been published in Marywood's The Bayleaf and in Avventura Press' zine "Nepatized," and he was a featured writer in The Scranton Vintage Theater's Summer 2014 Writers Showcase. In addition to his undergraduate English major, Paul has a completed Mathematics minor. He is also a member of Marywood's own improv comedy group Improv Beyond, where he performs on campus and professionally. In his spare time, Paul enjoys bowling, playing video games, and watching sports.

Paul Capoccia, Assistant Sports Editor

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Marywood students begin discussing national issues (Story)
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